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Internet users have reached 6,500,000 in Greece (2013) according to figures published by Eurostat and will increase in coming years. It's time for you to build your new website and gain access to all those users homes. Our experienced, highly trained staff wil investigate your need and propose the best solution for you.

  • You have your own shop and do not yet have your own website?
  • You have a hotel and want to make it available online all over the world?
  • You provide a service or a product and you are looking for promotion of your work through a website?
  • You are an entity-orginization and it is time to have your own website?
  • Static page
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Create individual email addresses for employees of your company
  • Custom web mail for your business needs ... and many many more services that we offer at IRIS Web.
  • Affordability, speed of implementation, highest security, flexibility, great cooperation, fast updates, modern and practical solutions are some of the charactiristics we offer our customers at IRIS Web

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