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marketing2Businesses desire to make their products and services available and well known to the market. Internet advertising & marketing have greatly expanded in recent years, aiming to increase visitors of corporate and business websites and e-shops.

For this reason IRIS Web offers you the following services:



Adding your business website on search engines (e.g. google) with priority over others

Every business wants to create a strong brand name with increased recognition over the market. This goal always requires (1) the presence of a corporate or business website and mainly (2) promote website through search engines and targeted advertising networks (google ads etc).


Create and add your company profile in social media like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Social networks became extremely popular the recent years. Exponential increase of users in social networks, leads companies to promote their activities and products through social media profiles and campaigns.


Contact forms, online polls, customer satisfaction questionnares and on-line applications

Nowadays, customers and businesses are in need to communicate easily, quickly and with respect to privacy through online contact forms and applications. IRIS Web supports your business in processing the continuously growing feedback from customers. Internet polls and internet evaluation form services are just some of the services we offer.


Bussiness promotional email to your customers, send bulk automated email and sms

For advertising or media purposes every business needs bulk sending of emails or messages (sms) to their clients or to specific groups. IRIS Web offers this service at any day and time you wish.


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