Education & Training


New technology and computers are the tools to unlock today's and tomorrow's society and economy. It is therefore important to receive the proper teaching and training from IRISWeb IT staff. Our skilled and highly trained staff is ready to offer you specialized knowledge via seminars and lessons.


Preliminary and secondary education and training

IRISWeb IT can provide education for school and Lyceum (and beyond) in the fields of computer, informatics, electrical and electronics. Our staff has an official state teacher certification and specialized knowledge in informatics and electronics.


Higher education

Possesing long-time expertise in the field of higher education, our staff supports students of higher education institutions during university courses and semesters work or in any dissertations in the fields of informatics, engineering and science.


General education

It also offers general educational conent, education software and multimedia, and systems maintenance to any client.


Properly trained personnel with certified specialization in pedagogy and persons with disabilities and/or reduced vision (Braille) supports their educational needs with persistence and patience. Courses are available in all of the above categories using modern methods, audiovisual materials and extended notes.

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