Why should I have my website created?

Personal computers, smartphones and tablets have intruded everyday life. Most people nowadays are informed through internet, they search in search engine websites and shop online. This trend for online use of services is rising. As a consequence, every company orginization, public entity, shop and user must have their own websites. By creating a webpage you can promote your company worldwide, advertise your services, prmote your products, contact customers using e-mail sms and other services, initiate partnerships and many more.

What is the exact process of website creation?

Firstly, the client and the developer agree the requirements the website should meet. Then, the backbone of the website is created according to the requirements. The final step is the uploading of the content and the final adjustments and the website is ready for online publication.

How can I choose the name of my website?

IRIS Web staff helps you to choose the most appropriate for your website. The only restriction is that the name must be available and not already taken.

What is needed to open my own e-shop?

Official invoice papers is required by law for every economic transaction. For this reason, an official business start-up process must be completed, in order to get a Tax Number (VAT). Unless you have official and state verified billing information, you cannot print invoice information papers.

What is needed to accept credit card payments in my e-shop?

We contact on your behalf a commercial bank or an online payments provider. Then we add in your e-shop webpage the required components so you can accept credit card payments. Also we can add paypal payment support.

What is the SSL security protocol?

SSL security protocol is the implementation of the public/private key system to the web connection layer. A key pair is provided to the customer and then secure transactions through the website are enabled. We create a security certificate on your behalf and install the security components on your e-shop.

What is the Hosting service and how often I must renew?

Every website is located on a server and users connect to view it. This internet publication of your website is called hosting. The hosting subscription depends on the package that you chooose and is combined with a domain name. The renewal of the package can be done according to your needs.

How can I advertise my personal or company website in another website?

We create a graphic banner ad or a text ad for you. The we create a personalized advertisement campaign and setup the promotion through advertisement network both local and international. Also it is desired we setup promotion through social networks (facebook etc.)

I want to have an application developed that performs a specific task in smartphones or tablets, environment. What shall I do?

First of all, contact us to discuss the requirements of your application. We will propose solutions to satisfy the defined goals. Then we proceed in developing your application and present it to you. Finally, we make adjustments and corrections to the application that are proposed by you and deliver the final application version.

I want training in internet use and programming. Is this possible?

Contact us and we will get back to you and inform you of our teaching programs. We offer contermporary educational material, necessary software and hardware according to your needs. Paedagogical methods, flexible teaching and presentation hours can be set and in-time delivery of excercises and projects

Thank you!